ASEAN and South Korea

ASEAN and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of their partnership. The convening of the International Conference on the prospect of ASEAN-South Korea relations in Seoul in February 2014 marked the start of commemorative activities organised throughout 2014 in ASEAN and South Korea, ending with the Special Summit in South Korea at the end of 2014.

The ASEAN-Korea Dialogue Partnership has been expanded and deepened over the past 25 years since the conferment of sectoral partnership status in 1989 and the full Dialogue Partnership status in 1991. The partnership was further strengthened with the annual interaction at the leaders’ level since 1997, the status of comprehensive partnership in November 2004 and strategic partnership in October 2010.

Interactions have also been enriched through all ASEAN initiated mechanisms, namely, the ASEAN Regional Forum, ASEAN Plus Three, East Asia Summit and the ASEAN Defense Ministerial Meeting Plus.